Therapy For The Spiritually Inclined

Add a deeper element to your healing and self-discovery.

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Meet Lynn Barrette

I am here to help you restore your equilibrium
and move through life feeling stronger and with new joy.

With 30 years of specialized adult therapy services,
we blend psychology with spirituality
in a mind-body-soul approach to your healing process.

I offer therapeutic tools for self-discovery,
healing anxiety, forgiveness, meditation, healthy transitions, healed relationships, and positive parenting

I look forward to supporting you!


Forgiveness/Healed Relationships

Anxiety Healing/Meditation

Healthy Transitions

Positive Parenting

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Certified Brain-spotting Practitioner and Consultant

  • Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher and Counselor

Client Reviews

I am back to meditating after a long time. I found it hard to concentrate, but was able to move back to center. Lynn's meditation has a very soothing effect and I feel so mellow. Thanks Lynn. Have a wonderful week. S.P.

Lynn Barrette has been a positive influence in my life. Her talks have inspired me and I love her Monday Morning Meditations. Most of all when I was down her skills as a therapist have really helped me get back on track. She listens and her comments are on target. I like her Brainspotting therapy and it makes me open up and share, I do feel better. She is both Spiritual and therapeutic and this blend is just what I need. I have recommended her to others who have also praised her skills. I cannot say enough good about Lynn. ~ C.D.

Lynn literally changed the way I parent - for the better. I took her class almost ten years ago and I still use the techniques daily with my six kids. She’s empathetic and approachable, and a skilled teacher. ~ J.S.

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